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How Mr.Walters earn moeny from sunshine?


Published by Mars June 25,2019

    South America includes 13 countries.There are Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and regions French Guyana. As a fast developing market for solar power system,a lot of users import solar power kit from China to their countries.Some of them install solar power kit,want to get 24hrs non stop electricity supply.Some of them install solar power kit,want to cut down their high electricity bill.


home solar kit


    Mr.Walters is from Brazil,he contact us and try to find a way to cut down his electricity bill.He own a big engineering plastic factory. The factory need to use a lot of electricity,and the electricity bill in Brazil are expensive.In all his factory’s fee ,the electricity bill need to use 30% fee.If he can come down this cost,he can save a lot of money.Save moeny is equal to earn money.

    According to his factory roof area,he can install 50KW solar power kit in his factory’s roof.Based on Mr.Walters’s data,Mars generate a ROI report to Mr.Walters.In this ROI report,he can know how many dollars he need to invest in solar system kit and during the solar system kit running time,how many dollars electricity he can save and earn.


home solar kit


   If he install 50KW solar system kit,the solar panel use life is 25years.In this 25years use life,around 3years he can call back his investment in solar system kit.Besides,he can get 4-5times return on investment from solar system kit.And if in his area,the goverment provide some energy subsidy,the return on investment for solar system kit will higher than it.

  If you want to earn money from sunshine,contact Mars and get your ROI report,start to earn money from sunshine!

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