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5KW Solar Roof Kit In Germany


Published by Mars November 17,2022

       As the energy crisis sweeps across Europe, more and more European families have chosen to install solar roof kit at home. Wolfang in Germany is one of them.


small home solar kit


       Wolfang’s home has limited places to install solar roof kit,that is a carport area. So it need to calculate the area where the solar panels are installed, also need to install high-efficiency solar panels to achieve the required power. Mars perc shingled solar panel use A grade solar cell, 22% solar panel efficiency, which is more than 10% more efficient than ordinary solar panels.5 EL tests are used in the production process to ensure that there is no difference in the color of the solar panels produced, and the power between the solar cells of the same panel is less than 0.1 watts. It can ensure the solar panel have 100% full power.The EL test in the production process ensures that there is no damage or crack inside the solar panel.





             Wolfgang plan to use solar system to charge his electric car. The power of his car charger is 3.6KW, so the 5KW solar system can completely charge his car charger. When there is no need to charge the electric car, the electricity generated by the solar panels can power other household appliances. Because the installation space is limited, Wolfang chose lithium battery,it is  relatively small installation area between gel batteries and lithium batteries. For most solar energy users, they are faced with the choice of gel battery or lithium battery. As a professional solar system manufacturer, mars believes that the service life of lithium batteries is 10 to 12 years, and the service life of gel batteries is 5 to 6 years. If your budget is sufficient, you can directly choose a lithium battery. If your budget is limited, you can choose gel batteries. If you live in the city and the place where you can install the battery is relatively small, then a lithium battery is a good choice. Here is a comparison video:




             If you have a plan to install a solar system, if you have any questions about the selection of the system and battery, please contact MARS SOLAR directly.

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