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8KW Solar Powered Generator Carport Project In Nigeria


Published by Mars April 10,2019

Location: Nigeria

Capacity: 8KW solar powered generator 

System details:28pcs 300W solar panel,PV array combiner,8KW solar inverter with controller build in,16pcs 12V200AH gel battery,cable and connector


    Guanjun is a Nigerian live in Shanghai.He have stayed in China more than 5years.He know China very well,he is good at China Liquor,speak chinese very well.Guanjun is his chinese name.

      After long time communication,Guanjun visit our factory for a business visiting.He want to build a solar power generator system for his new building.2days meeting finish,Guanjun know very well for our company and our solar powered generator system products.He made a decisicon right now and order 1set 8KW solar powered generator system sample firstly.

    This power home solar system have installed as carport roof,can generate power and save installation space.Guanjuan send this 8KW power home solar system installation picture to us.I want to share with you!

power home solar


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