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3KW Solar Power Systems Australia


Published by Mars July 19,2019

    Mr.Bruce live in Australia, NSW. He contact us and want to get a quote for solar power systems australia with mono panels and 8 x 12v 200ah sealed deep cycle batteries. He is buying a solar power systems australia to install for a neighbour as they can't do it themselves, He is a engineer which have installed his own small commercial system with 72kw tubular gel battery bank, to run his farm with coolroom etc.In his area,it is a remote area,mobile phone signal can not access.So a lot of them need to use solar power systems australia to power up their home.


off grid solar system packages australia


   Bruce tell me that he is worried about solar panel’s safe during transportation.Becuase it have glass cover the solar panel,international shipping maybe have damge the solar panel.Mars have more than 10+years experience for international off the grid power systems australia our package are strong enough,besides in each shipping,Mars will buy the shipping insurance to customers.These explanations have brought Bruce down. He believes that Mas is trustworthy.So he buy the solar power systems australia from Mars in one day.


It have government agreement bwteen China and Austrlia.So if you import off the grid power systems australia from China to Australia,the tax is free.After Bruce finished the installation for off the grid power systems australia,he show me the installation pictures for off the grid power systems australia. Near the installation place ,he was being watched closely by the local Kangaroo's.These Kangaroos are so cute!

off grid solar system packages Australia off grid solar system packages australia


 Would you want to know more about 3KW off grid solar system packages Australia?Pls contact Mars and get more details!

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