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12KW Solar Panel System For House In Liberia


Published by Mars April 09,2023

         This is one of the cases that a customer introduced Mars solar panel system for house to many of their family and friends.


       First of all, after a customer bought the solar panel system for house, he recommended his friend to buy it. His friend hasn't bought it yet, but this friend also has a friend, Margaret, who wants to buy solar panel system for house, so he recommended Margaret to purchase Mars solar panel system for house.  After installation, Margaret introduced two batches of customers.



solar electric power generation


       It can be seen that they are very satisfied with our solar panel system for house products and services.

       Because only what we think is good, we will introduce it to our relatives and friends.


          Felicia is Margaret's niece, and after seeing the solar battery for house installed in Margaret's home, she really likes it.

So she planned to install a set solar battery for house for her family.


          After calculating the load information, our sales engineer customized a 12KW solar battery for house for her.12KW solar battery for house system suitable for house with 2 of 18000BTU air conditioner, 1 water heater, 1 washing machine, some lights, TV, fans together.


                After installing the solar battery for house, the Felicia family was very happy because the solar battery for house could provide them with electricity 24 hours a day and free them from the annoying generator noise. They said, "The Mars solar electric power generation system is a stable and reliable solar electric power generation system that is worth recommending.”


              We offer the one stop service to Liberia clients, including solar electric power generation system design, delivery and customs clearance work, even installation. Our clients who has installed his solar electric power generation, now can also offer the installation service in Liberia country.


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