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15KW Solar System With Battery Backup In Philippines


Published by Mars April 09,2023

                    Jose from the Philippines installed Mars solar 3KW on grid complete solar system in his shop 3 years ago. He needs to keep the air conditioner on all the time, so this 3KW complete solar system saved him a lot of electricity bills, and quickly recovered the money invested in the 3KW complete solar system. Then came 20 years of free electricity.





                 Jose's brother saw his complete solar system and came up with the idea of installing a 15kw solar system with battery backup in their farm house. In this farm house, there is no mains electricity. There are some machinery and equipment used on the farm that require electricity, including lawn mowers, water pumps, etc., as well as electricity for daily life appliances in the farm house. This 15kw solar system with battery backup uses perc solar panel with a conversion rate of 22%, solar inverter with Japanese Fuji IGBT module, MPPT solar controller with a charging efficiency of more than 95%, and gel battery with German sonnenschein technology. These advanced and reliable technologies and materials make the life of this 15kw solar system with battery backup increase by more than 60%, and the efficiency increases by more than 20%.



15kw solar system with battery backup



                    The successful installation and stable operation of the 15kw solar system with battery backup has made Jose's neighbors very interested in this best off grid solar system. More and more Filipinos come to consult Mars best off grid solar system. If you are also interested in Mars best off grid solar system, you can contact Mars solar sales to get more information!

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