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30KW Off-Grid Solar Panel Kits In Switzerland


Published by Mars May 07,2020

         Mr.Christian is  looking for a 30kw three phases off-grid solar panel kits. He have a heat pump, I need off-grid solar panel kits model which can support the start of this device.Mr.Christian have installed a off-grid solar panel kits in his house,but the supplier have not provide the suitable inverter to him.The explication he received for the first installation wasn't clear, and the seller don't know the products.He can not use this off-grid solar panel kits.So this time,he is more careful, have answered a lot questions to us.These questions are from him:


solar system manufacturer


 Q1:Why are some solar system manufacturer offer 2V battery,and you use 12V battery?


    A2:2V battery have 2-3 times higher price than 12V battery.If your budget have limited,then compare the cost and performance,we suggest you can use 2V battery in off grid solar power kits which is higher than 100KW,but the off grid solar power kits which is lower than 100KW,it will be better to use 12V battery.If your budget have not limited,then you can use 2V battery.Each 2V battery have high capacity,max is 2V3000AH,so when do the installation,can connect all batteries in series,not need to connect in is more convenient.Besides,the voltage difference between battery and battery,2V battery will better than 12V battery.So can extend the battery use life and performance.And the warranty for 2V battery is 3years,12V battery is 2years.



         Q2:I bought my batteries last May (2018), and used them from October.If i add some new battery,is that can work or not?


         A2:The battery will be not better to mix new battery and used battery.The used battery performance will come down and it will affect for new battery.



       Q3:Because last time i bought a off-grid solar panel kits,the explication wasn't clear, and the seller don't know the products.I can not use this off-grid solar panel kits,how do you help me for it?


      A3:We provide installation drawing for each solar system,to guide the installation.Our customers follow it,then can install and use it right now.All documents are English.All our sellers have 5-11years experience for solar product,can fully provide support for you,during the installation,if it have any problem,just send pictures to us,we will provide technical support to you.


           Besides,he need the solar panel edge in black color. It is because they have some restriction here in his country.We order some specially materials to made complete black solar panel,which meet Mr.Christian's requirements.


solar system manufacturer


         Now he finish the installation for the 30KW three phase off grid solar power kits in his home.He think Mars Solar system is working well.And he also need Mars provide technical support to him,help him making full use of the off grid solar power kits which he bought from another supplier.Surely Mars solar is willing to help him for it.If you have requirements for off grid solar power kits,contact professional solar system manufacture Mars Solar directly!

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