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3KW Home Solar Power System In Djibouti


Published by Mars October 19,2020

       According to the 2016-2020 National Strategy White Paper of Djibouti issued by the African Development Bank Group, the country faces problems of insufficient power distribution networks and high electricity prices. About 80% of the country's energy is dependent on neighboring Ethiopia.


       In this country with extreme weather conditions and frequent droughts, floods and earthquakes, the government’s goal is to achieve 100% renewable energy production by 2020, thereby achieving complete energy independence. But according to the latest statistics from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), so far, Djibouti has not deployed any photovoltaic power generation capacity.


solar power system technology


      Power shortages, frequent blackouts, and high electricity bills forced John from Djibouti to seek an independent home solar power system. After communication, we learned that John’s house has an ordinary household refrigerator, 1 1HP air conditioner, 10 lights, 2 fans, 1 LCD TV and Satellite TV receiver/VCD. According to these loads in his home, we recommended the 3KW home solar power system to John. The 3KW home solar power system is currently the most popular solar system for home users. Mas Solar's home solar power system uses high-quality imported raw materials from Germany and Japan, and uses German technology and production standards, so the quality is reliable and stable. As a home user, there is no good solar power system technology, so they all hope that the home solar power system can operate stably and will not malfunction after installation and use, good raw materials and production processes ensure the normal operation of the home solar power system. After consulting his engineers, John decided to purchase a 3KW home solar power system. After installing and using this 3KW solar system for home, John was full of praise for the solar system for home produced by Mas Solar and introduced Mas Solar to his neighbors. I hope that Mars Solar’s solar system for home  can obtain cheap and stable solar energy for more families who lack electricity!

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