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Low frequency stand alone inverter and high frequency stand alone inverter


Published by Mars October 15,2019

         The low frequency stand alone inverter first inverts the direct current into a power frequency low voltage alternating current; and then boosts it into 220V through a power frequency transformer, and the 50Hz alternating current is used for the load. This kind stand alone inverter advantage is that the structure is simple, and various protection functions can be realized at a lower voltage. Because there is a power frequency transformer between the stand alone inverter and the load, the stand alone inverter operates stably, reliably, with overload capacity and impact resistance, and can suppress high-order harmonic components in the waveform.


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        The high-frequency stand alone inverter firstly inverts the low-voltage direct current into high-frequency low-voltage alternating current through high-frequency DC/DC conversion technology; then, after being boosted by the high-frequency transformer, it is rectified by a high-frequency rectification filter circuit to be generally above 300V. High-voltage direct current; finally, through the power frequency off grid power inverter circuit, 220V power frequency AC power is used for the load. Since the high-frequency off grid power inverter adopts a small-sized and light-weight high-frequency magnetic core material, the power density of the circuit is greatly improved, so that the no-load loss of the off grid power inverter power source is small, and the off grid power inverter efficiency is improved.


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The difference between high frequency off grid power inverter and low frequency off grid inverter charger:


      The advantages of the high-frequencyoff grid inverter charger are mainly light weight, small size, light weight, no isolation transformer, low standby power and high efficiency (relatively save power). The disadvantage is that the impact resistance is not as good as the low frequency off grid inverter charger, and may not be able to drive the inductive load.


      The main features of the low frequency off grid inverter charger are strong overload capacity and load impact resistance. The disadvantage is that the volume is large and bulky. The power frequencyoff grid inverter charger  is suitable for large loads (such as off-grid power stations, etc.), high frequencyoff grid inverter charger is suitable for the telecommunications industry.

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