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South Africa's solar panel project kit industry will usher in great development


Published by Mars October 16,2019

       In most parts of South Africa, the average annual sunshine time is more than 2,500 hours, and the average solar radiation per day is between 4.5 and 6.5 kWh/m2. It can be said that South Africa has a good natural condition for developing solar panel project kit. According to data released by the South African Department of Energy in January, South Africa's solar panel project kit installed capacity is about 2.372GW.


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     At present, the power supply crisis in South Africa is imminent. In contrast, the intermittent blackouts in the past few months seem to be negligible. The South African national power company Eskom supplies electricity to almost the entire country, and the company's power generation capacity will be reduced by more than a quarter in the next 10 years due to the closure of coal-fired power plants that are due.


     The South African government has said it will seek private investors to fund new solar panel and battery package and increase the amount of solar panel project kit  purchased from independent solar panel and battery package producers. In the past few years, many solar panel and battery package users have installed distributed solar panel project kit projects to offset rising electricity prices. These measures are also urgently needed to offset the cost of expenditure and to ensure a stable supply of electricity.It is widely expected that distributed solar panel and battery package generation will be part of a short-term strategy to address the gap between installed capacity and demand.


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         It is expected that from 2019 to 2030, the annual allocation of solar panels kits for sale distributed generation in the IRP may increase to 500  MW/year solar panels kits for sale. However, participants in the field of solar panels kits for sale distributed generation are still concerned about the limitations of the 1-10MW installed solar panels kits for sale capacity in the IRP.

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