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What are benefits of solar system for home electricity?


Published by Mars February 17,2020

    Solar system for home electricity are inexhaustible, and the solar energy that shines on the earth is 6000 times larger than the energy currently consumed by humans.Solar energy is widely spread on the earth, and solar system for home electricity can be used only in areas where there is light, regardless of regional, altitude and other factors.

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    Solar resources are available everywhere and can be powered nearby. It does not need to be transported at long intervals to prevent the loss of power generated by long-distance transmission lines, and also to reduce the cost of transmission. This also provides a prerequisite for the use of solar system for home electricity in the inconvenient Western planning.

   The energy conversion process of household solar power generation system for home equipment is simple, and it is a direct conversion from photon to electron. There is no central process (such as conversion of thermal energy into mechanical energy, mechanical energy into electromagnetic energy, etc.) and mechanical activities, and there is no mechanical wear. According to thermodynamic analysis, solar power generation system for home has a high theoretical power generation efficiency, reaching more than 80%, and the potential for technological development is huge.

    Solar power generation system for home equipment does not use fuel itself, does not emit any substances including greenhouse gases and other exhaust gases, does not pollute the air, does not generate noise, is friendly to the situation, and will not suffer from the energy crisis or the fuel market. It is a new type of renewable energy that is truly green.

    There is no need for cooling water in the process of solar power generation system for home equipment, and it can be installed in a desolate desert without water. Photovoltaic panels for residential can also be easily connected with the building to form an integrated solar panel kits. It does not require land occupation alone, and can save valuable construction resources.

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    The household photovoltaic panels for residential equipment has no mechanical transmission components, and the operation and maintenance are simple and the operation is not stable. A photovoltaic panels for residential  system only needs solar panels to generate electricity, and the universal adoption of active control technology can basically complete unattended and low maintenance costs.

     The task function of household solar panel kits equipment is unchanged and the service life (more than 30 years). The life of crystalline silicon solar cells can reach 20 to 35 years. In the photovoltaic panels for residential generation system, only the design is reasonable and the shape is appropriate, and the battery life can be as long as 10 to 15 years.

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