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What should you pay attention to when installing a flat roof solar panel kits?


Published by Mars May 06,2019

   Many solar panel kits users install solar panels on flat roofs. So what do you need to pay attention to when installing a flat roof solar panel kits?

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    Waterproofing is critical in the installation of flat roof solar panel kits. The structure selection of the flat roof can be selected according to the actual practice of the roof finish surface. The bracket system generally consists of four parts: the column, the foundation, the inclined beam and the beam. The solar panel kits assembly is connected to the beam by fasteners. (Weight: 0.35~0.50kN/m2) Installation inclination:the inclination angle corresponding to the maximum annual total power generation is used as the installation inclination angle of the bracket (theoretical calculation value); common building structure: cast-in-place concrete frame and floor and steel structure + cast-in-place concrete slab, brick-concrete structure + prefabricated slab; common roof finish: waterproof membrane, cement mortar protective layer, ceramic tile.

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    This solution is integrated with the building structure, which can be planned synchronously, synchronously and synchronously. This is a better installation method, because its power consumption forecast after the completion of the project can be very targeted to determine the installed scale, to achieve the optimal results of the input.

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