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Solar Powered Street Lights In Tanzania


Published by Mars July 11,2019

     Dodoma is the legal capital of Tanzania. As a resident population is close to 500,000 capitals, the infrastructure behind Dodoma has always been the focus of public and public criticism. Among them, lighting is a big problem. Many roads in Dodma have no street lighting, and they are dark in the night. In order to expand the visibility, many drivers have to turn on the high beam, which leads to frequent traffic accidents. In particular, many roads are open to traffic in both directions, but there is no line in the middle of the road, and the safety hazard is even greater.

Solar Powered Yard Lights Solar Powered Yard Lights



   In fact, the bigger difficulty than the installation of street lights is the power supply. There is a serious shortage of electricity in the central and western parts of Tanzania, and the normal use of electricity by residents is still not met, let alone the power supply of street lamps. Therefore, eliminating traffic safety hazards and saving energy has become the two most important issues for the Tanzanian government, and it is the top priority of its future work. At this time, energy-saving and environmentally friendly solar powered street lights have become the first choice.


Solar Powered Yard Lights Solar Powered Yard Lights



     The solar powered street lights is composed of a solar cell module, an LED lamp head, a controller, a battery, a lamp pole, and an auxiliary wire. The solar powered street lights battery assembly uses monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon solar cell modules. The LED lamp head uses a high-power LED light source, this solar powered street lights use long use life lithium battery,and the controller is placed with lithium battery box, and has the functions of light control, time control, over charge and over discharge protection and reverse connection protection. After the solar panel outdoor lights poles are installed on the embedded parts (concrete base), the solar panel outdoor lights can be fully automated, eliminating the need for trenching and wiring in the traditional streetlight project, saving money, saving time and effort. During the day, under the control of the intelligent controller, the solar panel absorbs solar energy and converts it into electrical energy, and the solar battery module charges the battery pack; at night, the battery pack supplies power to the LED light source to realize the lighting function. The DC controller can ensure that the battery pack is not damaged by overcharging or overdischarging, and has the functions of light control, time control, temperature compensation, lightning protection and reverse polarity protection.


    Solar panel outdoor lights provide a convenient nighttime travel for the Tanzanian people, while greatly alleviating the tight supply of municipal electricity. At present, there are still many sections in the Dodoma area that cannot provide lighting at night. After that, the government will increase efforts to promote solar panel outdoor lights as a new technology product and do everything possible to solve the problem of Dodoma night lighting.

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