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A letter from solar panel kit with battery


Published by Mars October 20,2019

     Hello, buddies, I am your good friend, solar panel kit with battery, I have a few words to tell you the truth.            

     In fact, I am really a clean energy source without radiation and pollution.

     Many people have misunderstood me and think that I have radiation, which will do harm to my health. Really misunderstood me, solar panel kit with battery is the direct conversion of light energy into electricity, there is no radiation and pollution, but there will be some noise problems when the inverter in solar panel kit with battery is running. And I use solar energy to generate electricity, inexhaustible, I generate electricity, each degree equivalent to saving 0.4 kilograms of standard coal, while reducing pollution emissions of 0.272 kilograms of carbon dust, 0.997 kilograms of carbon dioxide, 0.03 kilograms of sulfur dioxide, 0.015 kilograms of nitrogen oxides, properly the sharp tool to reduce haze.



solar power kits for house



      Actually, solar panel kit with battery can use it in many places.

      The development of science and technology can find me in many places. Houses, plains, mountains, mining subsidence areas, agricultural greenhouses, fisheries and aquaculture... There are many beautiful solar gadgets. If you dare to think about it, I have a lot of uses. I've already flown on a satellite. This year, the new solar unmanned aerial vehicle developed by China has successfully flown. Maybe in the near future, you will travel around the world in a solar plane.



solar power kits for house



       In fact, what I want is public understanding and acceptance.            

       There are many people who do not know me, do not know what solar panel system for house is, the penetration rate is not high. Only about 1% of the roofs in the country cover photovoltaic, while distributed solar panel system for house is the mainstream in Germany, about 30% of the roofs cover solar kit with battery.



        My investment cost needs tens of thousands of yuan, but the rate of return is very high.            

       If your roof has a usable area of 100 square meters, you can have a 30-kilowatt distributed solar panel system for house, which generates 120 degrees per day and costs about 300,000 yuan to install. Take three types of areas as an example, using the form of full access to the grid (that is, all photovoltaic power is integrated into the national grid), so that the subsidy of 0.85 yuan per kilowatt hour. 120 * 0.85 * 30. In this way, there will be a profit of 3060 yuan per month. Basically, the cost can be recovered in seven or eight years, while the service life of solar panel system for house is 25 years. (Specific circumstances are determined according to national policies)   



solar power kits for house



          My ultimate goal is to change the way people use energy.            

          Fossil fuels sometimes run out, and clean energy is the future. With the increasing use of renewable energy from wind and solar power kits for house, businesses and utilities, the storage of electricity is becoming more and more important. Solar power kits for house is the future of photovoltaic development.


     In fact, these are all my heart words. I still have a lot to say. My world is so rich that you can use me to create a better future for your life. Forgive me for telling so many truths from my first heart.

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