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Let factories use electricity for free


Published by Mars February 19,2024

    The Philippines has abundant sunshine, and the solar system can start generating electricity at 6.30 in the morning and stop generating electricity at around 17.30 in the afternoon. The peak power generation is between 10.00 and 15.00. A customer from the Philippines installed a solar system in his factory in January 2024. After calculating all costs including installation, it is estimated that the system can complete cost recovery within 2 years and start using it after 2 years. Free electricity.

solar energy system
    The electricity bill for industrial electricity in the Philippines is relatively high, with the cost of electricity being 12 pesos/kWh, and power is unstable in some areas. Under the government's proactive policies, many factories are looking for opportunities to install renewable energy sources. In August 2023, a customer approached us at Mas Solar and began to inquire about the feasibility of installing solar power generation in the factory.

    The customer's demand is to reduce electricity bills so that solar power generation can meet 80% of the factory's electricity consumption, and the remaining 20% of electricity consumption is completed by the electricity bureau. After understanding the customer's needs, Mas's design team quickly researched and designed a solution suitable for the customer. After a series of meetings and discussions, it was decided to consist of two 200kw solar systems, which were installed in two factory areas. After communicating with the customer to determine this plan, our Mars company sent a construction and installation team from China to the Philippines to complete the installation of this solar system in January 2024.


    When our installation team arrived in the Philippines, they first counted the goods and the number of parts. After confirming that they were correct, the engineers went to the site and conducted another survey to confirm the installation location and check the installation conditions on site. and environmental conditions, whether the installation is suitable, whether the lighting conditions are suitable, whether the installation location of the electric room and electric cabinet is suitable, etc.

solar panel system
    In the first factory, engineers discovered that in an area originally planned for installation, the adjacent buildings would block sunlight in the afternoon. If installed in this area, the efficiency of solar power generation would be greatly reduced, so they surveyed the site again and found Install in another area. But in this case, the originally prepared PV lines will not be enough. After the engineer reported this problem back, we promptly replenished these parts and the project started smoothly.

    With the customer's assistance, our installation team successfully completed the installation of these two solar systems after a week of installation time. After checking all the lines, the installation team started a test start-up. The machine started up and ran smoothly, and observations and inspections were conducted. After 48 hours of observation, the solar system was working normally and the installation engineering team completed the installation.

manufacturer of solar power
    As of today, this system has been running efficiently for a week, saving customers a lot of electricity bills every day.

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