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What is the advantages of MPPT best inverter with more strings and less strings?


Published by Mars November 02,2019

        Advantages of MPPT best inverter with more strings and less strings:      


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1)Each MPPT circuit of the best inverter operates independently without mutual interference. The number of best inverter strings can be different models, different numbers, different directions and tilt angles, so the number of strings is small and the best inverter system design is more flexible.      


2)Reduce fuse failure at DC side: the most common failure of complete home solar package is DC side failure. One MPPT is equipped with 1-2-way string. Even if a certain component is short circuited, the total current will not exceed 15%. Therefore, fuse is not required. Common failure modes of fuse include over-current fuse, aging fuse and over temperature fuse. Over current fuse is a protective fuse that occurs when overload, short circuit, etc. exceed the rated value; aging fuse refers to a fault fuse that occurs in the long-term work, with its own aging, with the reduction of current cutoff capacity, and without over-current; the current and temperature of the fuse have a great relationship, if the fuse works in high temperature, the current cutoff capacity will decrease, and the fault fuse can occur The ability is relatively large.            


3) Accurate fault location: the complete home solar package inverter independently detects each input voltage and current, and can sample the string current and voltage in real time, so as to find the line fault, component fault, blocking and other problems in time. The accuracy of detection can be improved through the comparison of crosswise cluster, meteorological conditions and historical data.      


4) Matching power optimizer is more suitable: at present, one of the solutions to eliminate the mismatch effect at the component end is to use the power optimizer. The photovoltaic optimizer can convert the low current into the high current according to the needs of the series circuit. Finally, the output terminals of each power optimizer are connected in series and connected to the inverter, and multiple groups are connected to the optimizer. According to the principle that the voltage of the parallel circuit is the same, when a certain circuit When the optimizer changes the voltage, the total voltage of this circuit will be reduced, and the voltage of other circuits of the same MPPT will also be affected, resulting in power reduction.


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      Combine with practice and design scientifically, according to different terrain and component occlusion,complete home solar package inverter with different MPPT structure is selected to reduce the purchase cost and maintenance cost of the power station and improve the economic efficiency.


1)For flat areas without shelter and with good lighting conditions, it is recommended to select single-channel MPPT and single-stage inverter to improve complete home solar package system reliability and reduce system cost;            


2)Complex terrain hill power stations, such as leader base and other large-scale power stations, have the phenomenon of inconsistent orientation and local occlusion, and different Hill occlusion characteristics lead to component mismatch problems, so multiple MPPT has to be selected, so the complete off grid solar power kits inverter of each MPPT 2 series input will be a better choice, no fuse vulnerable parts, high accuracy of fault location, and easier maintenance;   


3)The terrain is not very complex for hill powercomplete off grid solar power kits station and roof power complete off grid solar power kits station, and there is no component shelter. It is recommended to select two-way MPPT complete off grid solar power kits inverters with multiple strings, which can take into account the mismatch and high efficiency of strings, and the design is more flexible.

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