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Have you noticed the dust on the solar power kits houses?


Published by Mars July 26,2019

    The same installation location, the same solar power kits houses manufacturers.why some solar power kits houses system generate more power, and some solar power kits houses systems generate less power? Dust is an important factor.


solar power manufacturerssolar power manufacturers


   The dust covers the solar power kits houses system and forms a occlusion phenomenon, which directly leads to a decrease in the power output of the solar panel. The most serious one can cause more than 1/3 of the power to drop. At the same time, if the dust persists, it will cause the hot spot of the component to drop, which will further reduce the output power of the component and reduce the service life of the component. And this hot spot effect is irreversible for the component, and once there is no means to make up, the user can only choose to replace the component. Otherwise, it will not only affect the amount of power generation, but also bring potential safety hazards to the power station, especially in summer, the hot spot effect is more obvious. So how should we avoid this situation?


    Cleaning solar power kits houses system is the most effective way to remove dust. It is also the way we have been using it, but it is easy to stick to one thing for one day, and it is easy to stick to it for a week, but it is more difficult to adhere to one month, one year, and many users also show "three days of fishing" in cleaning this matter. Two days of drying the net", can not master the cycle and habit of cleaning. Here, for users of household solar panel system for house, I recommend cleaning in a rainy day in a weekly cycle. For example, it can be cleaned every two weeks. If it is going to be frequent, the cycle can be extended appropriately. If there is weather such as sandstorms or haze, the cleaning cycle for solar panel system for house can be shortened appropriately. At ordinary times, the solar panel system for house station can be inspected regularly, and households can conduct regular inspections every week to timely deal with contaminated components.


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     About the solar panel system for house installation. The installation angle of the solar panel system for house also has a certain preventive effect on the prevention of dust. Usually, the household complete solar panel system is mostly installed with angles, because the components can be self-cleaned when it rains, and the rainwater can rinse the solar panel from top to bottom along the angle.  Many complete solar panel system users will say, what do we do with the flat complete solar panel system installation ? It doesn't matter here, as long as the cycle of cleaning complete solar panel system is shortened appropriately.


    Understand this, complete solar panel system users have to go and see if your complete solar panel system station is covered by a thick layer of dust?

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