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How much electricity does the full solar panel system produce in summer?


Published by Mars July 30,2019

    In summer, besides the hot weather, the sunlight is also very strong. Many people think that full solar panel system must generate a lot of electricity in summer. In fact, this is not the case.In fact, spring and autumn are the seasons when full solar panel system Achieve peak value in a year. Why on earth is that? Let Mars Solar, full solar panel system suppliers explain to you.


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    Although summer has the advantage of strong illumination and increasing illumination time, it also has a negative impact on the full solar panel system. Such as high summer temperature, high air humidity, heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and other frequent weather.All of these factors will affect the power generation capacity of full solar panel system.


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   Why do complete solar panel system reduce generation in summer? Power decrease caused by high temperature in summer.As we all know, the output power of residential solar panel system is closely related to the irradiation they receive. The standard for testing residential solar panel system is STC (Standard test temperature: 25 degrees Celsius ). In component parameters,it has power temperature coefficient is 0.4%/1℃. When ambient temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius,the surface temperature of residential solar panel system can reach 57 degrees Celsius. This is much higher than the test temperature. Because of the high temperature in summer, the power loss caused by temperature is also one of the important reasons.

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