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What are the voltages of solar panel outdoor lights?


Published by Mars February 17,2020

     Solar panel outdoor lights belongs to a new type of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly road lighting products. Because solar energy has no need to consume electricity, it has great advantages and has been vigorously promoted by the country in the construction of new countryside. After years of promotion and development, solar panel outdoor lights have been used in most rural areas. Many people know about their product parameters, but they don't know much about their system voltage.The solar panel outdoor lights manufacturer MARS SOLAR will tell you about the voltage of the solar panel outdoor lights.


outdoor solar lights outdoor solar lights


3.2V system voltage

This type of voltage was used by many merchants in lithium battery solar panel outdoor lights since 2018. The practice of 3.2V voltage is to connect all the solar cell cells in series. The advantage of the solar road lights with 3.2v system voltage is that the full set of solar road lights is very cheap. The disadvantage is that the service life is short, the lighting effect is not too good and unstable, and the solar lithium battery needs to be replaced in less than two years.


12V system voltage

This type of voltage is a common type of solar road lights system voltage and is the most used type. Most of the solar road lights manufacturers currently use such system voltages. The solar road lights system voltage has two kinds of controller matching schemes, one is a 3 series 10 parallel buck controller, and the other is 10 series 3 parallel boosting solar area lights controller. The 12V system voltage solar street lamp has a medium price, excellent quality, long service life and high cost performance.


24V system voltage

The 24V system voltage solar area lights has two solar panels and two solar cells, and two solar panels are connected in series. The two solar cells are also connected in series, so that the overall system voltage is 24V. High stability, but solar area lights with 24V system voltage are very expensive, half the cost of solar area lights with the 12V system voltage, so the number of solar area lights using this system voltage is not much.


outdoor solar lights outdoor solar lights


          These are the three system voltages for outdoor solar lights. Outdoor solar lights manufacturers here suggest that you still use the 12V system voltage outdoor solar lights. This system voltage outdoor solar lights are the most cost-effective among the three, and the stability price is tested by the market. Try not to choose 3.2V outdoor solar lights system, because its service life is not long and the stability is not high, and later maintenance is more troublesome than others.


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