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How to chose the suitable complete solar power kits for homes?


Published by Mars February 17,2020

     The factors that need to be considered in the design of complete solar power kits for homes:

1. Where is the complete solar power kits for homes used? What is the solar radiation situation in the area?

2. What is the load power of the complete solar power kits for homes?

3. What is the output voltage of the complete solar power kits for homes, DC or AC?

4. How many hours does the complete solar power kits for homes need to work every day?

5. How many days does the solar power system kit need to be powered continuously in the event of rainy weather without sunlight?

6. the load situation, pure resistance, capacitive or inductive, how much starting current?

7.The number of solar power system kit requirements.


solar power inverter kit solar power inverter kit


        For example,Bruce is from Sri Lanka.He want solar power system kit supply power to his home.Then need to have a battery storage,so it will use off grid solar power system kit.In his home,he have lights,1pc 18000BTU air conditioner,1pc refrigerator and electric roll gate.This appliance are all AC appliance.In the night time,he need solar power inverter kit supply power to the lights and air conditioner.Refrigerator need to work 24hrs per day.According to the appliance capacity and power consumption,we compare the data with Mars Solar database, Bruce use 3KW solar power inverter kit is suitable.

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