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What Happens If You Choose The Inappropriate Solar Electric Kits?


Published by Mars June 21,2022

1) Your solar electric kits is not sufficient for your electricity demand.


We all like products with good quality and low price. However, if we blindly pursue price to seize the market, we may configure solar electric kits that are not suitable for consumers.

Resulting in insufficient power consumption and still facing the problem of power failure. Or after receiving the solar electric kits product, We may be told that this load should not be used, and that load can not be used.The experience of consumers is very poor.



2) Cause fire threat.


From the news, we have also seen that many low-quality solar panels and batteries cause fires, posing a threat to the safety of people and property. We don’t want to see this anymore.

This is picture which get from our customer,who have bought solar panel from another suppliers.

If you want to see more clearly pictures,pls contact us!solar system manufacturer

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