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What Are Full Black Solar Panel?


Published by Mars February 10,2023

      Normally shingled solar panel use slive frame,white backsheets.Full black solar panel use black frame,black backsheets.

Now full black solar panel are so popular to use in Europe market for these reasons:

1.    The policy.Some government have policy for the solar panel color.If use white backsheets,the empty spaces or gaps between and around the solar cells provide a reflection of the unused light,it will have affect for the driver.They stipulate that solar panels installed in some areas must be completely black.

2.   Aesthetics.Full black solar panel is more beautiful than normally solar panel after it install on the roof.

3.    Solar Panel Size. Some countries have laws about solar panel size.Like Germany,it need to use solar panel size which is below 2meters length and 1meters width.

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