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How should we defend our right?


Published by Mars July 05,2019

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  Now the phenomenon of online shopping has become more and more common. Mars solar also display and sell residentials solar energy to the world via the Internet. Products in the process of transportation or use in the process sometimes will have problem. So how we can do to defend our right in residentials solar energy?


   Firstly, you need to find the factory supplier from Internet. And how can we identify trading companies and factories from the Alibaba or Ebay? In fact, It is easy.When you are browsing a supplier’s product page for details, and you will see that some website picture and video looks so great and professional like some foreigner engineer are talking something in the office. But some video shows just factory working. So which one do you think is a trading company and which one is factory? The factory need to manufacture the residentials solar energy products and small profits and quick returns. They have no more money to spend on residentials solar energy product page optimization. They would like to pay more on manufacture.


home solar panel system


    Secondly, Believe that you get what you pay. Some customers covet cheap to buy cheap but quality can not be guaranteed products. So once there’s a quality problem you have to spend a lot more time and money on quality issues. What’s more. Some household solar panels are made from second-hand materials. When the household solar panels once short circuit there will be fires and so on. That’s not just a loss of money also endangers the safety of the family at any time.


                  home solar panel system


   Thirdly, When your home solar panel system has problem or quality issue you should find your supplier first. Try to inform your supplier of home solar panel system quality problems by taking photos and videos. What better way to see the problem and figure out how to solve it than video.

   Hope you can buy the home solar panel system you like and cost-effective. Any question, please click and contact me.

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