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Residential solar panel system off-grid and on grid


Published by Mars February 17,2020

   Residential solar panel system are mainly divided into off-grid  residential solar panel system and grid-connected residential solar panel system. The working modes and uses of the two systems are different. So what are they different?


  The residential solar panel system off-grid is mainly composed of solar panels, controllers, off-grid inverters, battery packs and bracket systems. It is generally not connected to the power grid, and is often connected to the battery. The electricity generated by the photovoltaic panel is stored by the battery for power failure or night use. It is mostly used in areas where there is no power grid or frequent power outages. Off-grid inverters can generally be connected to diesel generators or city power. When the power generated by residential solar panel system is not enough, it can be supplemented by electricity generated by diesel generators or by city power.


Solar Power Electricity


    The kit solar on grid system is composed of solar panels, grid-connected inverters, brackets, etc., Kit solar on grid system connected to the grid, transforming the sunshine light energy into direct current through the solar panel, and then into the alternating current through the photovoltaic inverter to connect to the grid or load. Electricity in kit solar on grid is supplied to the grid or load. This kit solar on grid system requires the power grid to have electricity. If the power grid is out of power, the system is in standby mode, and the diesel generator is not allowed to connect with kit solar on grid. This solar power electricity system needs to be approved by the government or the power company in some areas. It can be sold to the government or the power company with unlimited electricity, or exchanged for free electricity.This on grid solar power electricity system used in areas where power is stable and there is no frequent power outage.


      Solar Power Electricity

   In some parts of Europe, the two solar power electricity system are usually combined. During the day, solar power electricity generation will have three parts, some for personal use, some for storage, and some for grid. When night comes, the user can use the electricity stored in the day battery to achieve normal operation of the home load.

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