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I Can't visit China,How Can I Guarantee The Safety Of My Photovoltaic Kit Orders


Published by Mars June 18,2021

    The repetition of the epidemic is a very worrying one. We can not go abroad to attend the exhibition, visit customers, customers can not come to China also, can not have face-to-face reception.


It's a problem that bothers both photovoltaic kit suppliers and photovoltaic kit buyers.

Now we have solutions.


1. you can know our photovoltaic kit factory through our video link, know that we are the real photovoltaic kit factory, we have more than ten years experience in the photovoltaic kit industry, and have feedback photovoltaic kit cases from more than 3000 customers.







 2. Entrust professional institutions to make house solar panel kit factory audit

Last week,Mars Solar,a professional house solar panel kit company received Mr. Li, a factory inspector from a third-party professional agency appointed by Mexican customers. Because it was the first time we cooperate with this Mexican customers, they were careful about the house solar panel kit factory, they entrusted professionals to inspect the house solar panel kit factory and take photos.


The process of house solar panel kit factory inspection includes document photo taking, factory visit, introduction of production process, etc.

Specific documents include but are not limited to

A. Business license

B. Factory property ownership certificate or leasing contract

C. ID card of the legal person

D. House solar panel kit product quality certificate

E. Certificate of honor / enterprise patent certificate

F. Product catalogue.

G. Production machines list

H. Machinery maintenance Records  

I. Staff list


solar system manufacturer solar system manufacturer

Business license/ certificate/leasing contract checking 

Factory production process inspection
solar system manufacturer solar system manufacturer
Factory production process inspection Factory production process inspection



      In addition to collecting documents, taking photos and keeping files, the inspectors also visited our house solar panel kit factory, workshop, listened to the introduction of the factory personnel to the production process, production equipment, raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse, quality inspection area, laboratory and testing equipment, sample room and main business product samples.


       Our company has more than 10 years experience in easy solar panel kit industry, providing one-stop service from easy solar panel kit system design to installation for customers. Please move to our website for more engineering cases.https://www.solarpowermanufacturer.com/case/

     If you have any needs, please contact us.

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