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Mars Half-Cell Solar Panel Vs Another Half-Cell Solar Panel


Published by Mars October 06,2023

N type TOPCon half-cell solar panels have the following features:
1. High efficiency:N type TOPCon solar cell efficiency can reach up to 25.2%, which is 2% higher than other solar panels.
It is expected that by the end of 2023, TOPCon half-cell solar panels can reach 26.8%,which is 3.3% higher than other solar panels.

2. Low attenuation: There is no attenuation in half-cell TOPCon’s power generation, another type solar panels have a power attenuation of nearly 8% in the first year.

3. Good long-wave response: TOPCon half-cell solar panel has better long-wave and short-wave response than other solar panels. TOPCon half-cut solar panel is not affected by the weather and its power generation is continuously guaranteed, while the power generation for another solar panel is seriously affected by the weather.


So What are the difference Between Mars half cell solar panel and other half cell solar panel?

N Type Solar Panels

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