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Another Introduction To The Customer's Purchase Of 5KVA Off Grid Solar System


Published by Mars June 14,2022

      Margaret is from Liberia, Africa. She is a friend of a customer who bought our 5KVA off grid solar system.She knew that Mars solar is a professional solar system manufacturer,because her friend introduced us to him.


      This is not the first time the customer who bought MARS easy solar panel kit,after they install and use it,they introduce their friends and colleagues to buy MARS easy solar panel kit.


Margaret's home has two bedrooms. The living room uses a 12000btu air conditioner, a cooker, a washing machine and a small water pump. After analysis, we have made a solar solution for Margaret - 5kW/5KVA off grid solar system.


Soon we finished the goods and sent them to Margaret's forwarder.

Under the guidance of our 5KVA/5KVA off grid solar system installation instructions and drawings, they quickly completed this 5KVA/5KVA off grid solar system installation and feedback us with their installation pictures.


She also introduced two friends to us.

solar system manufacturer


The product quality of Mars solar energy starts from the materials.

    Customers are willing to recommend us to their friends, which also shows that customers are very satisfied with our easy solar panel kit.

       Welcome to consult us. We will design a easy solar panel kit that meets your needs for free.

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