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5KW Solar Panels To Power House Philippines


Published by Mars February 08,2023

        Because the electricity bill in the Philippines is very expensive, and the local sunshine resources are very good. Therefore, solar panels to power house are widely used in the Philippines.


        The solar panels to power house used in the Philippines are mainly off grid solar system kits and on grid solar power system. Off grid solar system kits are mainly used in remote areas or rural areas, where the mains power is not stable. On grid solar power system are mainly used in cities or areas with stable electricity. The on grid solar power system needs to be approved by the government, because the local government's approval process is complicated and difficult, so most people's on grid solar power system have installed anti-reflux functions. In this way, the electricity generated by the on grid solar power system is only for the use of your own home and will not be sold.


         Mark from the Philippines is in a dilemma about the choice of the system. Through multiple communications with Mars Solar engineer, it is determined that the 5KW off grid solar system kits is suitable for them.Mars Solar finish the production and send the 5KW off grid solar system kits to his house.He finished the installation and told us that,my customer is happy with your product and i will need to install the same solar system in my showroom.



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