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3KW 120V/240V Solar Panel Kit With Battery And Inverter In El Salvador


Published by Mars July 14,2021

          Our company has been in the solar industry for more than 10 years. There are more than 3,000 solar panel kit with battery and inverter installation case in more than 130 countries. We can design suitable solar panel kit with battery and inverter for customers according to customer requirements.



solar panel system kit




         Today, Walhen from El Salvador contacted us and explained to us that he wants two sets of 3KW solar panel kit with battery and inverter.These solar systems are experimental solar systems,will supply power to his home and his L3+ mining machine.Based on our engineers' experience for more than ten years, we learned that the voltage in El Salvador will have dual output requirements of 120v and 240v. Walhen confirm that he need this kind of voltage and very satisfied with our company’s experience. Final decide buy the solar panel kit with battery and inverter from our company.


solar panel system kit



       When the Walhen received the solar panel kit with battery and inverter, he was very satisfied with our solar electric kits. According to the Walhen dual-voltage requirements, we provided the Walhen with the connection diagram of the solar electric kits and the user manual, and taught the Walhen to install the solar electric kits online, and the Walhen was very satisfied.


10pcs Antminer L3+ mining machine work with Mars solar system

Solar Panel System Kit

       If you buy a solar electric kits with our company, Service starts from our cooperation. 

If you buy our solar electric kits, you can get:

1) Engineer design suitable solar panel system kit;

2) English installation manual, steps by steps,like you buy washing machine,easy installation

3) Professional connection drawing for solar panel system kit;

4) On line installation guidance by sale and engineer team;

You will not feel any pressure when installing a solar panel system kit.

No matter what the customer needs, we will be 100% satisfied.

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