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5KW Off-grid Solar Setup In Congo Hospital


Published by Mars November 16,2023

    With Mars solar off-grid solar setup, a hospital from democratic republic of the Congo now harnessing the power of the sun to run medical appliances.


most efficient solar panels


Here are some highlights of Mars off-grid solar system's functionality:


      High quality power off grid solar setup:

      Medical equipment is precision instrumentation and requires a high-quality power supply. Otherwise it will affect the use of medical equipment or even damage the medical equipment.Mars solar off grid solar setup system providing high-quality power supply to these medical equipment.



        Energy Storage:

        Most efficient solar panels not only power medical equipment during the day but also charge up a solar energy storage system for uninterrupted power supply at night.



        Reliable Power Supply:

        No more worrying about power outages; we've got a reliable source of electricity solar energy storage system, even in remote locations.



        Rain or Shine:

        Even on cloudy days, the solar energy storage system can still generate power, so we're not dependent on perfect weather.



          So far, Mas Solar has provided stable and high-quality power supply for hospitals, schools, government buildings, commercial buildings, cold storage equipment, and water purification equipment.If you have any solar system project need to get design,solar power products supply,installation service,pls contact us!

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