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6KW Mppt Solar Panel Kit In Kenya


Published by Mars June 21,2022

          Anthony from Kenya is a hotel owner who invested in a holiday camp in 2020, Bush Camp is perfect for those who love adventures and picnics and want to get close to nature. Therefore, all the facilities in bush camp are environmentally friendly, safe and pollution-free. Mars' mppt solar panel kit was the perfect choice for Anthony.



solar system manufacturer



        After Anthony discussed with the professional sales team of MARS, he chose the IGBT inverter, MPPT controller, and GEL using German technology made by MARS SOLAR. He believes that the raw materials used by mars are imported and branded, and the mppt solar panel kit produced must be of high quality, high efficiency and stability. Yes, he is correct. Mars solar ensures that all mppt solar panel kit products use brand new imported raw materials, and all mppt solar panel kit products are 100% tested before leaving the factory.



         If you are interested, you can check out mars solar'smppt solar panel kit test system:


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