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12KW Home Solar Panel Kits With Batteries In USA


Published by Mars October 12,2021

        Because of COVID-19 and other natural factors, the production of coal and oil in the world has been affected. In particular, the production of coal has decreased a lot than before. At the same time, the demand for electric power by human beings is increasing, which eventually leads to shortage of electricity in various countries, or even no electricity at all. David from the United States suffered greatly. Davie says,we are 2 miles from any power lines. we are pretty far out there. So he chose to install an off-grid home solar panel kits with batteries.


   20000 watt solar panel kit



              David's home solar panel kits with batteries uses the latest products, PERC solar panels and LiFePo4 lithium batteries. Why did he choose to use these two new products? Because the efficiency of PERC solar panels is higher than that of traditional solar panels, which means that PERC solar panels can produce more electricity. LiFePo4 lithium battery has a longer service life than other batteries, and its performance is better than other batteries. To know more about the advantages and disadvantages of perc solar panels and LiFePo4 lithium batteries, please visit the following webpages:


PERC solar panel:


LiFePo4 lithium battery:



            China produces 90% of the world's home solar panel kits with batteries products, so Chinese solar panels are subject to 250% anti-dumping duties in the United States. As a professional solar system manufacturer, while providing customers with the best quality home solar panel kits with batteries products, it is also committed to helping customers reduce the cost of home solar panel kits with batteries. Mars Solar provides David with a safe, convenient and anti-dumping transportation method that can avoid anti-dumping duties. Whether you are buying one set home solar panel kits with batteries or a 20ft or 40HQ container home solar panel kits with batteries, Mars Solar’s ​​safe and worry-free transportation arrangements can help. you solve high tariffs.


            Want to know the way? Please contact us for the best solution.

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