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New York promotes renewable energy and energy storage


Published by Mars October 19,2020

    With the continuous development of energy storage industry, battery energy storage has been considered as one of the potential options to reduce emissions and other environmental impacts of 461mw gas-fired solar set for sale power plants in New York state.

Solar Panel Roof


    On October 13, local time, the New York Power Authority (NyPa), a public power company, said it had reached an agreement with a coalition of clean energy and environmental justice groups to jointly evaluate how to "transform" the peck power plant in the NyPa service area to "use clean energy technology".

    Power plants began to supply power to the grid to meet peak demand. As a result, they are often used as a percentage of the time of the year, but are often one of the most polluting assets in the grid.

15kw Solar System

    In terms of its peak plant, NyPa said, this is only 10 percent of the situation. In an interview in 2019, Tom buttgenback, CEO of 8 minute solar energy, a US solar developer, said that when peak power plants are replaced by renewable energy plus energy storage, greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions will be significantly reduced.

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