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Germany: June photovoltaic power generation broke a new record


Published by Mars July 19,2021

    Statistics show that in June this year, the total photovoltaic power generation in Germany was about 7.99 TWh, covering about 20.6% of the country's electricity demand, setting a new record. During the same period, German coal power generated 7.96 TWh. Although its share of the total power supply for the month was basically the same as Solar Products For Home power generation, photovoltaic power generation edged out in terms of power generation, surpassing coal power as the largest power source.

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    It is reported that June is one of the best months for light resources in Germany. After the summer, Germany's sunshine is getting stronger and stronger, which is the peak period of sunshine every year. In June 2020, Germany's photovoltaic power generation capacity reached 7.3 TWh, the highest value in the previous history, and this record was broken by the power generation capacity in June this year.

    However, in June of this year, the proportion of photovoltaic power generation in Germany did not break the record of 20.8% in May 2020. "Photovoltaic Magazine" pointed out that last year, the high proportion of photovoltaic power generation in Germany was due to accidental factors. Firstly, due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Germany, the demand for electricity was significantly reduced. On the other hand, the cost of raw materials such as coal will rise sharply in 2020, which will restrain the demand for coal power to a certain extent.

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    Overall, in June this year, Germany's total renewable energy power generation accounted for 48.3%, close to "half of the country." Among them, wind power generation is 4.48 TWh, accounting for 11.6%.

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