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China have plan to build solar panel frame mounting kit on the moon


Published by Mars November 23,2019

      "China has a bold space program!" German-German television station reported in the science and technology section on the 3rd that for a long time, countries have always had the idea of collecting energy from space and continuously transmitting it to the earth. "Now China hopes to open the first project to bring solar panel frame kit and light from space by 2030."


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     Since the opening of the China Lunar Exploration Project in 2007, a number of scientific research missions have been completed. "But this is only part of China's space strategy." The report quoted David Chriswell, a professor at the University of Houston who advised China on providing space solar panel frame kit advice for a long time. "China is considering a bigger plan to build a solar panel frame kit on the moon." The American scientist said that the moon is regarded as a giant satellite that captures solar panel frame kit. Because of the extreme polar and polar nights on the moon's poles, "China plans to set up ground base stations at the poles of the moon, so that there is always a base station that can be exposed to sunlight." He said, accept The base station illuminated by the sun collects these energy sources and accumulates them for delivery to the Earth. "That is the uninterrupted flow of energy."


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