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Where is the household solar panel and battery kit market in 2019?


Published by Mars February 17,2020

     At present, there are three major countries in the blue ocean of the household solar panel and battery kit market: the United States, Germany and Australia. Why do you say that the solar panel and battery kit market in these three countries has great potential?


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 All states in the United States have relative autonomy in electricity pricing, power operation, and energy storage policies. Each state can develop its own energy storage development ideas according to its own characteristics. In 2009, the US government introduced the S.1091 program, called the Renewable and Green Energy Storage Act, which regulates the investment tax policy for grid-side and household-side  solar panel and battery kit equipment. Subsequently, in 2012 and 2013, S. Acts 1845 and S.195 support solar panel and battery kit in terms of energy storage investment credit and tax credits. In addition, the electricity bill in the United States is relatively expensive, and the price of electricity in Hawaii is most prominent at about 1.7 yuan / kWh. Such high electricity prices will encourage users to choose solar panel and battery kit to meet electricity demand. According to relevant data, about 1.7% of households in the United States installed solar panel kit with battery in 2018, and this part of users will be potential users of household energy storage.


   The development of household solar panel kit with battery in Germany once attracted the attention of the world. Because of the strong support for photovoltaic policy, the German photovoltaic market ushered in the installation boom, and let Germany jump to the top of the world photovoltaic market and took the top spot. However, the advancement is a decline in subsidies until it is minimal and tends to be cheap. Market position has also plummeted, but it does not matter. In 2015, German authorities launched the “Sonne Community” program, which prompted participants to store excess electricity in energy storage batteries. The latest subsidies for photovoltaic cells began on March 1, 2016. According to the data at the end of 2018, 30 million euros have been subsidized. In 2019, this incentive plan is still continuing.


solar kit with battery manufacturers

      Australia has a wealth of lighting conditions, which is also the glory of the Australian household solar panel kit with battery market in the past 10 years. It also allowed Chinese solar system manufacturer to get a share of it. Promoting household solar panel kit with battery Australia's measures are similar to those of the previous households supporting photovoltaics, giving subsidies, allowing users to get benefits and mobilizing users' enthusiasm. The first round of PV subsidies expired on December 31, 2016. The subsidy policy around solar panel kit with battery has been waiting for the industry for a long time, until Adelaide broke the deadlock and became Australia's first subsidy mechanism for solar kit with battery. The subsidy is for residential, school, and community users to install solar kit with battery storage system. The maximum subsidy is 5,000 Australian dollars. The amount of subsidy is calculated according to the size of the project. In contrast, the installed capacity of solar panel kit with battery in Australia is much higher than that in the United States, and Australia is 27%, so that 27% of users in the future will be the target and direction of the market. And the Australian authorities are also working hard to drive down the cost of energy storage, and to spread the battery storage capacity to millions of households, in the hope of achieving 90% of the solar kit with battery rate by 2030.

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