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Zambia complete solar system kit bidding project creates a low historical record


Published by Mars February 17,2020

     Zambia signed a 120MW complete solar system kit contract in the recent GET FiT complete solar system kit bidding project, setting a historical low-cost record of complete solar system kit in sub-Saharan Africa.


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    The initial bidding project was a 100MW complete solar system kit, but it was extended due to the quality of the tenders received by the complete solar system kit. The best solar power systems project is jointly managed by the Zambian Ministry of Energy and the German Development Bank KfW. Marco Freitag of KFW Development Bank said that “the standardized best solar power systems guarantee transaction agreement, the effective implementation of the bidding best solar power systems project and the firm commitment of the Zambian government and [National Power Company] ZESCO make the bidding result of this best solar power systems extremely Competitiveness."


      The three winning bidders won the bid for six basic solar power system projects, and the three winning bidders were selected from 23 bidders. The joint venture Company Building Energy & Pele Energy submitted two tenders - the Bulemu East and Bulemu West basic solar power system projects each with a bid of 20MWac, for $3.999 / kWhac. The joint venture Globeleq & Aurora Power Solutions submitted two tenders - the Aurora Sola One and Aurora Sola Twobasic solar power system projects, each worth 20MWac, for $4.52/kWhac. The joint ventures InnoVent and CEC submitted two tenders - the 20MWac Garneton North Solar and Garneton South Solar basic solar power system projects, which cost $4.80 / kWhac.


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     Ryan Anderson, head of the bidding agency team for the grid tied solar system kit, said, “It is important to realize that the on-grid price results of these grid tied solar system kit represent real competitive results. We not only ask developers to find and acquire suitable There is a site and pay for the grid. The GET FiT Zambia grid tied solar system kit project also does not provide any form of grant financing and preferential financing."

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