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How does Germany protect water resources through complete solar power kits?


Published by Mars February 17,2020

          In some arid regions, in order to prevent valuable water from evaporating or being polluted by dust in the air, a cover film is often used to cover the reservoir to block air. Recently, a company in Hanover, Germany, implanted complete solar power kits onto the cover film, making it easy to protect water resources while also using stand alone solar panels.


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       Recently, the German manufacturer has developed a reservoir cover film. The cover film is equipped with complete solar power kits, which means that they can not only greatly reduce the evaporation rate of precious water resources, but also isolate the air. The pollutants in the city are more able to provide stand alone solar panels electricity to the surrounding towns. As a result, the two most pressing issues in remote areas of Africa and Asia have all been solved.


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     Germany manufacturer expects that the cover film can prevent 40% of water loss and waste by isolating hot air and pollution sources. In addition, the cover film is made of opaque material, and the single cover film has a width of 1.5 meters and a length of 25 meters. When installing, it is only necessary to fix the two sides of the cover film around the reservoir, and then use the hot air technology to weld the various cover film blocks together (the same roof complete solar power kits installation technology). It is estimated that if a 10,000 square meter reservoir is used, the complete solar power kits output can reach 500 kilowatts.

          The first batch of experimental projects were carried out in Israel to verify the feasibility of the above solar mask. Germany manufacturer was piloted in Israel two years ago: the project reservoir area is 1,200 square meters and the total stand alone solar panels power is 8.5 kilowatts. Stable power supply has been maintained since the installation date. In addition, in order to test the performance of different types of stand alone solar panels, project researchers tried to use amorphous silicon, copper indium gallium selenide panels (GICS) and rigid crystalline silicon components. The person in charge of the company finally said that in combination with the analysis of cost and benefit results, only GICS panels will become production materials in the future.


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        Germany manufacturer promises that the company's solar system is very easy to maintain and that the product is not only tear-resistant, it can even withstand pedaling and driving. However, although the cover film can be isolated from dirt, dust, and sand, it is difficult to prevent it from becoming dirty. To this end, Benecke-Kalik installed an underwater pump on the cover film to periodically extract water from some of the reservoirs and flush the solar panels. The cleaned wastewater will not flow into the pool again, but will be discharged through the drain.

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