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South Africa will become a new growth point about solar panel system market


Published by Mars October 20,2019

       At present, the South African Power Development Group said that due to the huge potential of the South African about solar panel system,the country will become a new target for international investors in South Africa.


solar energy electricity


        Xiao Xin, a researcher in the new energy industry, believes that the South African about solar panel system has great potential. On the one hand, South Africa has an average annual sunshine duration of 7.5 to 9.5 hours, which is ideal for about solar panel system. On the other hand, the South African government has introduced a subsidy policy of 3.94 rand (about 49 cents) per kilowatt-hour for about solar panel system, which is currently the best subsidy policy in the world.


        Some solar panel system kit companies are seeing the huge potential of the South African solar panel system kit market and are actively deploying the South African market. In August, Wuxi Suntech announced that the company is preparing to cooperate with South African local enterprises to develop a 100MW solar panel system kit station. The two sides have signed a memorandum of cooperation. In November, Yingli and a South African company reached a cooperation intention. The two sides decided to build a new one in South Africa next year. It can be expected that the number of solar panel system kit companies entering the South African market will increase in the future.


solar energy electricity


          Xiao Han pointed out that although the South African solar power kit for house market has great potential, solar power kit for house companies still face certain risks when they enter the South African market. At present, the transmission capacity of the South African power grid is limited, and power cannot be effectively delivered. If solar power kit for house companies establish a large number of solar power kit for house plants in South Africa, the power of these solar power kit for house will be difficult to transport, and PV companies will not receive subsidies for solar energy electricity. At present, the South African government is actively taking measures to expand the transmission capacity of the grid. It is believed that this problem will be solved in the next two years.

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