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Ten questions and answers about solar power system kit


Published by Mars February 17,2020

1. What is the economic benefit of solar power system kit?

When you install a solar power system kit on your home, you can save on electricity bills, and in some areas you can get national and local subsidies and are not affected by future electricity price increases. How much you can save depends on your home electricity price and your corporate electricity price. But whether it is a family or a business, using solar power system kit is a very wise investment.


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2. What are the environmental benefits of solar power system kit?

Like other renewable resources,solar power system kit has many environmental and health benefits. Using solar power system kit can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which helps to combat climate change. It also reduces air pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and particulate matter, smog, and reduces these problems that can affect your health.


3. How does a solar power inverter kit work?

Solar panels absorb solar energy throughout the day and convert it to direct current (DC) electricity. Too many households and businesses use AC power, so DC power is converted to usable AC power through the inverter. At this point, you can choose to use the generated electricity yourself or send it to the grid.


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4. Does my solar panel generate electricity when the sun is not shining?

The amount of power a solar power inverter kit can produce depends on the sun, so when the weather is cloudy, your solar panels will produce slightly less energy and produce no energy at night.


5. What happens if there is snow on the solar panel?

Solar panels are the only way to turn sunlight into electricity, so if your panels are covered by snow, they won't be able to generate electricity. The general snow is not very heavy, and the photovoltaic panel design also takes into account these at the beginning, generally can not lead to panel problems. The important thing is that most panels will be tilted at an angle, and when the snow falls on it, the snow will automatically slip. Even if there is some snow, it is very good to clean up.


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6. If I use a solar power inverter kit, do I have to pay the electricity bill?

Unless your solar power inverter kit is completely off-grid (not connected to the national grid) and has its own storage battery, you will still need to pay for electricity. Because solar power inverter kit is generated during the day, some are directly sent to the grid, and some of them are used by themselves. If you use electricity at night or encounter rain, you still need to buy electricity from the grid, but this does not affect the home solar kits to save money for you.


7. If the grid is out of power, does the home solar kits still work?

If it is a grid-connected home solar kits system, when the grid is shut down, the inverter will automatically trip and stop working, and the home solar kits will not work. It is to prevent personal injury caused to the maintenance staff of the grid after the power is input into the grid. Assuming you have frequent power outages, you can make an off-grid home solar kits to store power.


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8. How much is the maintenance cost of solar panels?

The home solar kits is made of durable tempered glass and requires almost no maintenance in 25-35 years, so it can continue to generate electricity. In most cases, you don't even need to clean the solar panels regularly, as rainwater will help you clean it automatically.


9. Is my roof suitable for installing solar power conversion kit?

The sun rises and falls in the direction from east to west, while in the northern hemisphere, solar panels are installed south, so that the chance of receiving light can be maximized. In the southern hemisphere, the opposite is true. As long as you have enough space on your roof, it is ideal for installing solar power conversion kit. If your roof is not ideal, we will also develop a special solution.


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9. How do I choose a solar power conversion kit?

The off-grid solar power conversion kit selects the solar power conversion kit based on the capacity of the household equipment. The grid-connected best home solar kit selects the best home solar kit based on your electricity consumption.

   Maybe you have other questions to ask, please contact Mars solar, a professional solar system manufacturer, for more professional information.

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