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How to avoid damage to the complete solar kit caused by lightning?


Published by Mars August 07,2019

     Some users install complete solar kit on the roof, and some users are in areas with thunderstorms. Therefore, it is especially important to avoid damage to the complete solar kit by lightning. So if you can do it to avoid damage to the complete solar kit caused by lightning?


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     Firstly, it is important to choose a suitable address to build a complete solar kit.Users should try to avoid placing them in locations and situations that are vulnerable to lightning strikes when selecting addresses. So which locations and occasions are vulnerable to lightning strikes? In general, lightning strikes are likely to occur where soil resistivity is small and soil resistivity changes significantly. Areas such as metal deposits, riverbeds, groundwater outlets, hillsides and paddy fields, hillsides and foothills, riversides, lakesides, seaside, low-lying areas and high groundwater levels are all vulnerable to lightning strikes. Other isolated towers, chimneys and other tall buildings (structures) are also vulnerable to lightning strikes.


    Secondly, the lightning rod should be learned in the correct use of the complete solar kit.Sometimes we know that the location is important, but the actual installation environment can not be changed, or the location and occasions that are vulnerable to lightning strikes cannot be opened. Then we need to take reasonable measures to prevent it. Professional solar panel system for house installers, when doing this, they usually use lightning protection pins, lightning protection belts and lightning protection nets to protect the direct lightning strikes according to the site conditions, by adopting multiple evenly arranged down conductors. The lightning strike current is introduced into the ground, and the shunting action of the plurality of down conductors can reduce the lead voltage drop and other wiring methods of the down conductor to reduce the probability of lightning strike and reduce the risk of side impact. There is a detail here to pay attention to avoid the projection of the lightning rod falling on the solar panel system for house.


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    Thirdly, the various equipment of the solar panel system for house should be grounded.Regardless of whether it is a household or centralized solar panel system for house, the equipment is always surrounded by metal. For example, the component has a metal frame, the solar panel system for house inverter is also made of metal, the bracket, the line tube, etc., which requires the equipment grounding resistance to be less than or equal to 4Ω. It is best to set the grounding body separately. The lightning rod (belt), down conductor, grounding body, etc. installed in the complete solar panel system require a grounding resistance of less than 10 Ω, and a grounding body is also required.

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