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Why is the ac inverter failure rate low in low temperature?


Published by Mars February 17,2020

    According to industry survey data, the failure rate of ac inverter in winter is reduced by about 30% compared with summer.Is that because ac inverter not working in winter?Of course, this is not the case. The ac inverter is still working normally in the winter. How much sunlight is there, how much power is output.Low ac inverter failure is another reason. Mars as solar inverter factory,explian to you the reason.


solar inverter factory


Firstly, the winter illumination is generally poor, the auto power inverter output power is low, and the auto power inverter operates at low load, and the possibility of failure is low.Secondly, the ambient temperature is low, the electronic products run at low temperatures, the reliability of components increases, and it is not prone to failure.


     Will the low temperature affect the operation of the auto power inverter?of course not.Most components can withstand low temperatures of minus 25 degrees,Moreover, once the auto power inverter is running, when the power component has a current, the temperature will rise, and the heat generated can increase the temperature of the inner cavity, so that the operating temperature of the component is greater than the ambient temperature.


    Most of the solar power inverter faults are caused by heat, so the solar power inverter should be installed in the place where ventilation and heat dissipation. If you want to have a long life of thesolar power inverter, try to choose an solar power inverter that is more powerful than the solar panel.

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